At a glance

For the years of operation, we at Helios Power proved to be a leading investment player in the energy business in Bulgaria and expanded our operations on the international market.

Guided by the idea that the preservation of natural resources is a very important issue for the humanity, our company focused on the renewable energy sector.

From the very beginning we pay considerable attention to Research and Development, innovative technologies and set up professional teams and partners.

With our significant experience gained through the years and the expertise that we possess, we provide all the necessary services for developing and realizing projects in different renewable energy sectors - Photovoltaic, Hydropower, BioMass & BioGas Conversion, Waste Utilization, Gas Generation and Passive Houses.

Strongly positioned to develop, build, and operate the clean energy infrastructure of the future, Helios Power JSC is already generating power from nearly 20 renewable energy projects for its utility-scale customers in Europe and the Middle East and helping lead Bulgaria’s transition to a renewable energy future.

Helios Power is one of the largest provider of clean, renewable solar power in CEE with more than 30 MW of owned and controlled solar power facilities. The company also operates above 10 MW of hydro generation facilities and a state-of-the-art National Control Center, which acts as the nerve center of the company’s generation portfolio, making it one of the few companies capable of providing structured energy solutions and allowing large industrial and commercial customers to manage risks and uncertainty in the energy generation industries.

We have developed also number of solar farms in the Middle East and UAE in particular.

Through our own EPC subsidiary Greentech Engineering Solutions JSC we reached total installed capacity in excess of 100 MW for solar power projects and 20 MW for hydro.

Helios Power JSC is headquartered in Bulgaria and has offices in Dubai, Norway, Belgium and Russian Federation.